Overview of Services


  • Install Peripherals, e.g., printers, scanners, routers, cable modems, etc.
  • Replace Laptop Track Pads, Keyboards, Hard Drives, etc.
  • Data Recovery, i.e., get your vacation photos off the laptop in the closet that won’t boot up anymore.
  • Data Backups, Help you decide which backup solution is best (So Many Clouds!) and Help you to use it.
  • Software Installation – Maybe you just bought a new laptop and you need help installing QuickBooks.
  • Replace batteries in tablets – Newer laptops and tablets are hard to open – I’ve got the tools you need.
  • Residential Cabling (coax/cat5e) – Hard-wire homes for faster/reliable internet.
  • Home Theater Installs – Mounting Displays/Speakers and any corresponding low voltage cabling.
  • Computer Education – 1 on 1 learning on various topics